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These videos are an extention of my mind. Each video captures a moment in my life. Each moment informs the next and i try to convey that through my work. I hope you can be inspired by my story. And remember, Nothing worth having comes without risk.

-Joey Jett

Joey designes the future of fashion for the Smithsonian museum. Taking on a Dystopian look while allowing the audience to question society norms

J & N 5 CharliePeacher (1).jpg

This video was created in Barcelona during a transformative time in my life. It is a new beginning born out of an unexpected ending. Featuring pro skater Brandon Novak.

This video represented the reality of starting my own company by following my own path and paying homage to my hometown of Baltimore with its  uncompromising grit and determination. Featuring Baltimore skate legends.


This video is a representation of my journey through losing myself and finding myself again. I had to say goodbye to my dream and embrace a new reality by letting go of the past.

This video shows a part of my journey. Everything I had worked for was finally a reality. I found myself living out what I felt was the ultimate dream. 



This video encapsulates the determination and force behind my drive and desire to go pro. It was all I wanted at the time, and I felt like nothing could stop me. 

This video is an ode to falling back in love with skateboarding. It captures the beauty in finding meaning in something that I thought I had lost.

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