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The Dream

If you would have told me 3 years ago that I would go pro & tour the world with my childhood hero, Mike Vallely , I would have said “only In my wildest dreams”. But I learned throughout this beautiful journey if you put the right energy & love into something - it will naturally come your way. Even things you could only dream about! I got the opportunity to tour the world. Instead of just skateboarding, Mike taught me about creativity and the freedom of expressing yourself. He stressed to me to stay original and not follow the crowd - but to believe in my style. I ended bringing my camera while touring with Mike and documenting it for fun and as a way to express myself. This new found freedom, grew my love for skateboarding even stronger and developed my love for Videography, Photography and Fashion. Now I have my own clothing company JETT and couldn’t be more excited for the future. This film grew out of pure love like anything creative should. This is my Dream thru my eyes.

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