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We believe in a new approach for the youth. There are the kids that love team sports and that love structured events. Then there are the kids that don't fit in, feel like outsiders and  don't succeed in groups. They are the ones we believe society has left out. They feel lost.  But skateboarding is the rare thing that can speak to these kids when nothing else can and still teach them extremely valuable lessons in life. It can give them purpose and meaning while helping them find themselves. Just like it did for me

~ Joey Jett

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Use  this QR code to make a donation and you decide what amount you can donate to this great cause.  Every little bit makes a difference!



Our Mission

Helping as many kids in Baltimore and the surrounding areas get into skateboarding & creativity. We accept donations and gently used skateboards. The Project plans to  host various fundraising events in the Baltimore area to help all learn the benefits of skateboarding & creativity for our youth. Our goal is to foster confidence and independence by providing boards, lessons and positivity with your donations and help to this 501(c)(3) non-profit. The Bmore Sk8 Youth Project is helping one kid at a time!


Breakfast & Boards hosted by Waterfront Partnership and created by Joey Jett is an example of the type of impact skateboarding can make.  The popular free program was named "Best Kid Class"  in Baltimore by Baltimore magazine.  The founder of Bmore Sk8 Youth Project, Joey Jett was named  a "Game Changer"  for Maryland for his effort in establishing this program.


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