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Joey Jett is a professional skateboarder, artist, and fashion designer. At 7 years old, after less than a year of skateboarding, he was believed to be the youngest skater to land the 540 backflip rodeo on the 14 foot vert ramp.  He was asked to join the Dew Tour & for the next four years traveled  the country with skateboarding pros such as Shaun White & Ryan Sheckler. Feeling disillusioned with the competitive skateboarding, Jett took a 5 year hiatus. He remerged on the scene as a street skater; rekindling his love for the creativity and freedom of expression that he had lost in competitive skateboarding. Over the next few years Jett released multiple videos, went pro, helped raise money & awareness for a memorial skatepark in his hometown of Baltimore, campaigned against animal abuse, promoted rehab opportunities for addiction and established his streetwear company JETT BRAND. JETT embodies the creative journey which fuels the passion that is the brand. 

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