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The Awakening

Brandon Novak and Joey Jett were born in Baltimore, Maryland twenty years apart. Both found skateboarding incredibly early and had a strong passion and great talent. Novak was on Powell Peralta at the age of 14. Jett was on the Dew Tour grom team and skating for Osiris shoes at the age of 7. But when each turned seventeen – their lives took wildly different paths – Jett was named pro and Novak had become a heroin addict leaving the world of skating for the dangerous streets of Baltimore. Novak was able to survive a 20-year addiction and help tens of thousands with his addiction bestsellers, Dreamseller and The Streets of Baltimore. Jett’s different path allowed him to help promote skating by having events to help build a new skatepark in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and developing a creative love of film and fashion. The two skaters met a time in their lives where they were both in the process of overcoming heartbreaking obstacles– the two former Baltimore phenoms went to Barcelona, Spain to rekindle their love of skating. This short film of that amazing trip resulted in both men becoming better versions of themselves. Jett established his own successful company and Brandon ended up fulfilling his lifelong team of becoming pro. Skateboarding can lift you up and propel you to be a better version of yourself at any age.

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