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Jett wins best kids class in Baltimore with the Bmore youth project 


A core belief in Jett's vision is to help kids find the passion of skateboarding. To motivate the youth to move off the streets and into Skateparks.From this we have started Breakfast and Board every month for the kids of Baltimore


We've been very closely working for the last five years on a skatepark in Baltimore's Inner harbor. From helping design  Jake's skatepark to raising over $35,000 dollars to help build the park. This amazing park has become one of the most beautiful and diverse in the USA.


 Brandon Novak was on Powell Peralta at the age of 14. Jett was on the Dew Tour grom team and skating for Osiris shoes at the age of 7. But when each turned seventeen – their lives took wildly different paths – Jett was named pro and Novak had become a heroin addict leaving the world of skating for the dangerous streets of Baltimore. Novak was able to survive a 20-year addiction and help tens of thousands with his addiction bestsellers, Dreamseller and The Streets of Baltimore. They both came together to bring awareness and raise money to help with people battling addiction 


Helping people makes a real difference. This video was made to spread positivity and help get a positive view across about skateboarding. This video is dedicated to Jake Owen, a young skateboarder from Baltimore who passed away at age 5 & who the new Baltimore skatepark is named after. So here's what my last few years have looked like. Please help others and be nice. 

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